be happy

  1. Eat ice-cream
  2. Eat ice-cream with someone you love
  3. talk to a friend who will listen to you rant
  4. talk to that hilarious friend who never ceases to crack you up
  5. read a good book
  6. get a haircut, nothing too drastic unless you’re up for it. it feels like you lose ten pounds
  7. take a bubble bath
  8. put way too much lotion on
  9. put face paint on your face
  10. walk around your house with the weirdest outfit on
  11. tell a stranger “Happy Birthday”
  12. eat Chick-fil-a
  13. pet your cat
  14. pet your dog
  15. pet your turtle
  16. wear wolf ears
  17. sit outside in the morning and listen to the birds
  18. get friends together and just talk about random things
  19. look at baby clothes
  20. make cookies
  21. start a blog!
  22. read an old favorite book that never fails to make you happy
  23. watch a rom-com
  24. watch cat videos
  25. eat yourself into an ice cream coma
  26. sing at the top of your lungs
  27. wear a huge old flannel and fuzzy socks and sit by the fireplace
  28. drink a beautiful latte