A smile always overshadows the deepest frowns inside my head
And I always seem to remember in the dark when I’m in bed



Dear School (A Letter to the Upcoming Season)

Hey. It’s been awhile. We haven’t talked to much over the summer except for those four books you made me read. And all those questions you had me answer. But other than that, we might as well have been on separate planets, me just chilling on earth, and you, who knows where. Mars? Jupiter? Krypton? No, Krypton blew up so you couldn’t have been there…

Anyway, we’ll be spending a lot of time together, starting next Monday. We’ll be best friends, or the bane of each other’s existence, depending on how much work you make me do. And I’ll just have to say, “I don’t hate school, school hates me,” for lack of a better explanation of my frustration.

It all begins again: stress, complex math problems, endless papers, disorganization whilst trying to be insanely organized, and of course the lugging of the thirty pound backpacks everywhere. Oh the joys.

Summer has been great. Busy but great. We’re best friends, but sometimes she can be boring and make me want to switch best friends again. She made me want to be friends with you, again. And I actually wanted to sometimes. (How sick is that??)

But she also makes me remember all the good things about you. All the inside jokes born from school lunches, all the inside jokes born from teachers inside the classroom, all the shipping of people that won’t ever work out, all the interesting lectures that made me never want to tear my eyes away, and all the deep discussions during class… they make me want to go back to you again. I’m starting to think school might actually be a good thing for me to take part in. You know, all that learning and stuff. Becoming a useful member of society. That sounds nice.

You can be really aggravating. All the stress and work can seem to be for nothing, but I know deep down it’s not. It’ll all be worth something someday, in one way or another. I know this year is going to be hard, but you know what? Bring it. I’m ready. (Kinda)


And More Photography


As you can see, I haven’t been doing much writing lately at all. The words just aren’t flowing out of me… they’ll come when school starts, I’m pretty sure of that.

Between the lack of inspiration and my bronchitis, I haven’t been doing much. But I did manage to get out and take some pics. Obviously. To be honest, when I got into photography, a lot of the world started to look more beautiful because of it’s potential. That’s really cool.


Hello there. I’ve been working on quite a bit of photography lately, so that’s why I haven’t really been posting on this blog a lot. I actually made a second blog just for photography because I discovered that I love doing it. Here are some of the pictures I’ve been taking…


Yeah. Pretty intense. I found that photography is really fun because it’s basically capturing a moment that you can put in a frame and remember at any time. It’s not just memories, it’s emotional. So yeah, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

Thanks for reading/looking… 🙂

Ugly : A Slam Poem

when did it happen
when was the moment when I realized
I wasn’t good enough
when did it happen
that I began to discover
how ugly I was
when did I realize
that my previous expectations
and my false pride in myself
was nothing but an illusion
a lie
to keep me gratified
for such a short time
to think that I would ever be anything
but hideous

I remember
coming home from school
after looking at all those pretty girls
make-up slathered on their face
covering up their real beauty
but I never guessed that
I thought it was all real
all I could think
between my tears
why don’t I look like that
why am I not that pretty

this world says
we’ll never be anything
but how we look on the outside
how dare we ever think we could be
anything more than this body we’ve been
taught will never be enough
for anyone


we are all so much more than that
external importance
physical perfection
these things don’t matter
in the end
all of that
the external
is going to go bad
and we’ll be remembered
for who we were
on the inside
not on the outside

maybe we should just take a minute
and remember
we are all beautiful
our external importance and physical perfection
is only the tip of the iceberg of our existence
it’s so much more than that

we are


1 Samuel 16:7 – “The Lord does not see as man sees: for the man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

Top 5 Father Figures

Hello there! Today I wanted to do this in honor of Father’s Day coming on Sunday. I don’t know if it’s just me, but young adult and a vast majority of fiction just seems to have horrible parenting. This generally leads to their actions in the story, so I guess it helps, but there are some books where the parenting is great.

  1. Hans Huberman : The Book Thief  —– This guy was such a supportive figure in the life of Liesel Meminger. He was really the wonderful, kind, unconditional loving sort of parent she never had. edjj3qkj
  2. Matthew Cuthbert : Anne of Green Gables —– Matthew just gets me every time. He really understands Anne and what she’s going through, and when he doesn’t, he’s willing to listen to her. Everything about him is selfless, and he was a great example for Anne to grow up with.
  3. Sirius Black : Harry Potter Series —– Sirius Black really tried to be what he couldn’t be for such a long time. When he finally meets Harry, he trie to make up for it by being a wonderful, supportive father to Harry, who never knew the joys of having someone like that. Along with this, Sirius isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. This is immensely important, because it leads to a lot of what Harry does throughout the rest of the series. sirius-black-wallpaper-sirius-black-32913974-1024-768
  4. Shalom Singer : The Selection Series —– What I love about America’s father is the fact that he doesn’t care about the castes when it comes to her marriage, he only wants her to be happy. Everything he says to her is just saying he wants her to be happy, regardless of who she ends up with in the end.
  5. Coach Hedge : The Heroes of Olympus —– All of the kids in this series are either orphans, have horrible parents, or are just alone in the world. He’s kind of like a mentor type person (even though he sometimes has bad advice 🙂 ) but he’s there for the kids when they need him.

Alright, so these are my favorite father figures throughout most of fiction. These characters are truly selfless and great influences in the kids lives. Happy early Father’s Day! 🙂

From the Outside Looking In

where has all the kindness gone
why do we all just look on the outside
why don’t we care any longer
it doesn’t matter how nice you are
as long as you’re pretty
it doesn’t matter how smart you are
as long as you’re handsome
what is beauty?
something undermining
letting people
only look on the outside
not caring
and not sharing their heart
until one day
their hearts are gone
only replaced with
a prideful soul
and judgemental eyes
is that what we want