30 Ways To Be Thankful

  1. go on a walk, a long walk. When you get back home appreciate the fact that you can walk.
  2. go exploring. Be thankful that you can see and experience the beautiful earth.
  3. read Harry Potter. Appreciate that J.K. Rowling wrote them in the first place.
  4. be thankful that you’re alive.
  5. eat your favorite food and be thankful that it exists.
  6. be thankful for toilet paper- where would we be without it?
  7. hang out with friends- be thankful that you’re accepted
  8. look back at old texts and be thankful how times have changed
  9. take a bath- appreciate the fact that you can take a bath in clean water
  10. be thankful that the night will always turn into a morning
  11. read A Long Walk to Water and I guarantee you you’ll be thankful
  12. for Americans especially, be thankful for freedom and liberty
  13. be thankful for family
  14. be thankful for homework: we have the opportunity to be educated
  15. be thankful for individualism:  we aren’t all the same
  16. be thankful that there are always going to be people we can help
  17. be thankful for dirty dishes: that means we have good food to eat
  18. be thankful for noise
  19. be thankful for silence
  20. be thankful for laundry- it means we have clothes to wear
  21. be thankful for laughter
  22. be thankful for crying
  23. be thankful for laugh-crying
  24. be thankful for music and the joy it can bring
  25. be thankful for hugs, feeling someone’s arms wrap around you
  26. be thankful for all the strangers who have smiled at you
  27. be thankful for smiles
  28. be thankful for every opportunity you’ve ever had to help someone
  29. if you’re a blogger, go back and read through old comments, be thankful for your readers
  30. be thankful for grace

Happy Thanksgiving. ❤


3 thoughts on “30 Ways To Be Thankful

  1. To many good thoughts on being thankful! Really enjoyed this one.
    Certainly we are thankful for you and thankful we lived long enough to know you and the other 5 grands.
    Happy “giving” thanks day! Love you dearly! Grammy

    Liked by 1 person

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