Top 5 Father Figures

Hello there! Today I wanted to do this in honor of Father’s Day coming on Sunday. I don’t know if it’s just me, but young adult and a vast majority of fiction just seems to have horrible parenting. This generally leads to their actions in the story, so I guess it helps, but there are some books where the parenting is great.

  1. Hans Huberman : The Book Thief  —– This guy was such a supportive figure in the life of Liesel Meminger. He was really the wonderful, kind, unconditional loving sort of parent she never had. edjj3qkj
  2. Matthew Cuthbert : Anne of Green Gables —– Matthew just gets me every time. He really understands Anne and what she’s going through, and when he doesn’t, he’s willing to listen to her. Everything about him is selfless, and he was a great example for Anne to grow up with.
  3. Sirius Black : Harry Potter Series —– Sirius Black really tried to be what he couldn’t be for such a long time. When he finally meets Harry, he trie to make up for it by being a wonderful, supportive father to Harry, who never knew the joys of having someone like that. Along with this, Sirius isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. This is immensely important, because it leads to a lot of what Harry does throughout the rest of the series. sirius-black-wallpaper-sirius-black-32913974-1024-768
  4. Shalom Singer : The Selection Series —– What I love about America’s father is the fact that he doesn’t care about the castes when it comes to her marriage, he only wants her to be happy. Everything he says to her is just saying he wants her to be happy, regardless of who she ends up with in the end.
  5. Coach Hedge : The Heroes of Olympus —– All of the kids in this series are either orphans, have horrible parents, or are just alone in the world. He’s kind of like a mentor type person (even though he sometimes has bad advice 🙂 ) but he’s there for the kids when they need him.

Alright, so these are my favorite father figures throughout most of fiction. These characters are truly selfless and great influences in the kids lives. Happy early Father’s Day! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Father Figures

  1. Sirius Black is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series and I think he honestly gets looked over a lot when thinking of male adult figures. He didn’t have much time where he was able to act as a role model. However, he was amazing during the time he was able to have with Harry and all of the kids of the Order. Great choices altogether!

    – Jenn

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    1. Thanks! He is overlooked a lot, but he shouldn’t be. He definitely made the most out of the time that he had to help Harry and make him into a stronger person. Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

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  2. I liked your blog honoring literary fathers. I feel like men get bashed a lot in our culture. Is it just me? I’ve even done it myself. Sigh. Thanks for liking “Commit Your Ways” on Write Light. I wanted to see it online and it’s not coming up. Glad you found it. I like your style of writing.


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