Why Books Are Wonderful

I was inspired to do this by this post on Captivated By Fantasy.

  1. Same as her, beautiful covers. There’s nothing like it. This one, which I read recently, is just beautiful. 20983362
  2. Finding a friend who likes the same books as me. I love talking to people about books I love; these conversations either involve ranting, arguing (in the case of a love triangle), or just laughing.
  3. Books are a wonderful escape. Readers live so many different lives, learn so many things, all through just reading a book. It’s the closest thing we can get to magic in my opinion.

    “The more things you read, the more things you’ll know. The more things you learn, the more places you’ll go.” -Dr. Seuss

  4. Annotating/marking your favorite parts. I don’t understand those people that are like, “The act of seeing that pen of yours touch the paper is like a knife ripping open my soul.” When you mark your favorite parts or just write in your book, you make it truly your own. Imagine if you become famous one day, and after you die, people find your book collection. And every book is just in perfect condition. That would be so boring and disappointing. But if you find a book collection, all annotated and dog-eared, oh goodness that is what you call a hot marshmallow.
  5. The whole bookshelf thing. I talked about this a long time ago, but I just want to do this again. Rearranging your bookcase is just so fun. My bookshelf is just gorgeous right now!!! I have them arranged by color and it’s so pretty…chkc-j8wsaalom5

That’s all for now though. I might do another one if I can think of five more reasons! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


20 thoughts on “Why Books Are Wonderful

  1. Loved this. If the book is not yours….then that is why you make notecard Giles of books with your favorite quotes etc. sometimes you can’t mark up a book.
    Yes, books and crayons…love them!

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  2. RIGHT???? Loved this post! 😀 I had my bookshelves organized by height for a while, but then moved everything around and now they’re alphabetized by author’s last name. I love nerd-dom.

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  3. Uncle Aaron and I have debated the organization of our bookshelves for years. I prefer chronological ordering (by setting or publication date) for fiction and histories/ biographies. He worked in a library for a number of years, so he prefers subject matter / alphabetical by author’s name. Now, with little kids in the house, we’re thankful if they’ve just made it back on the shelves ;-)!

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    1. I love doing that, but I usually buy books at Half Price Books, so I get the nicest one they have generally. But there are times when I just have to get a pretty one that I’ve set my eyes on! 🙂


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