A Heart Bewildered

in which the beauty and confusion of attraction is attempting to be explained

it’s the afternoon
the drone of another lonely human’s voice is heard
above the buzzing of a busy fly
the air is hot, the wind cold
every person tries
to see out the window
at the busy mother robin
building a nest in the great
big oak tree
the voice is trying to gain attention
and isn’t very successful
one girl
crosses one knee over the other
worried and tired
readjusts the pencil in her hand
sketches quietly over the paper
everything except her drawing goes
one boy
leans back in his seat
his face looks down
his hand touches his hair
trying not to gain attention
from the teacher at the front
trying to remain
in a little world of imagination
one moment
the boy’s eyes dart to the opposite side of the room
trying to find something
to fix his eyes on
hoping to go unnoticed
he only needs it for a second
and he can look down
at the ground again
a loud noise
the fly hit the window
it’s busy buzzing come to
an abrupt end
the girl
looks up from her drawing
removing the led from the paper
and glances
just once
they lock eyes
the boy
all alone
sees her
all alone
he finds what he has been searching for
a friend
someone to talk to
and someone who cares
the girl
sees someone she can lean on
in times of trouble
and they look away
the droning voice continues to speak
but the power that they just experienced
will take a while
to wear away
the clock ticks
in the silence
and no one knows
no one but them
they know what happened
will they act?


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