Why Do I Write?

Writing, before now, was something unattainable, a goal I could never achieve. It was big, and I was small. I didn’t think I was talented at it, I lacked persistence, and I simply didn’t believe I could develop the skill, brains, and endurance that are required for writing.

But I did.

My writing obsession kind of came back in the fall of 2015. Not too long ago, I know. My friend Kat and I pounded out stories together, and as of now, we’ve written five whole stories, long enough to be novelettes. This experience really inspired me to get back into the writing game, mostly from her encouragement, but also just from the experience. I jumped right into the deep end with this blog, a place where I could put my writings for people to enjoy. I wrote poems, a few short stories, and then started my novel, which at this current time still doesn’t have a definite title. But you know, life goes on. This journey I’ve been on for the last around 6 months has shown me a lot about myself, who I am, and what I want to be.

First, I found out that I want to write. Writing is my escape, something to help me get away from the pressures of real life. By dissolving myself into another world, I can escape everything here that is stressful, hard, and difficult. Also, there’s just something special about creating something with only your words and your mind. It’s like being an artist, except my words are my paintbrushes.

Secondly, I found that I love to make people smile. I love being a positive person, and making people happier because of it. I haven’t been for the most part in the past, but I want to change that. I want to make people smile through my writings and just my life in general. I’m really sorry if I ever post something sad, therefore making you sad, but it’s usually just my sinful self trying to influence my behavior and words.  Ultimately, from now on, I want to be a very positive person by putting God first, live life to the fullest, and think of others before myself.

Yesterday, I hit 100 followers. The feeling was one of elation and giddy joy to be quite honest. I know, it’s not a very big number in the big scheme of things, but it’s huge for me. I’ve never had that many people who care about what I have to say. (Maybe you don’t care, I don’t know 🙂 ) But I just want to say thank you.

My writing isn’t done for me, it’s done for God and all of you. So thank you for reading, and for caring.

🙂 ❤ Em


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