Hebdomadal Chronicles (A Week in Description)


wake up early
hit my head on the wall
I just can’t seem to
get a break from it all
drag myself through
the whole cruddy day
and finally it’s bedtime
yes yes hoorah


a little bit better
can’t get away from that wall
now my head hurts
it’s a bruise after all
not as cruddy
as the day before,
I get a lot done
but I don’t want much more


I’m halfway done
I almost missed the wall
I hit it again though,
I keep having that brawl
the day is long,
but better by far
the week’s almost over
ride that hump like a car


almost last day
almost missed the wall
goodness gracious
it’s like it wants me to bawl
one more day
but do I want it to end?
I kind of like this work and
my wall, my friend


last day of the week
totally bammed the wall
but hey who cares?
I’m totally loll
the week’s almost done
it’s almost complete
my brain is so tired
and so are my feet


I missed the wall
I’m so happy /sad now
I slept for once
that once is now


ready for a new week
I’m feeling refreshed
perhaps this week=better
but probably still mesh
it’s been a good week
I grew from my struggle
and my thing with the wall

it’s quite unique




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