I am a Girl of Snow: Short Story


So much snow. The icicles clinging to my eyelashes and begging to be allowed into my warm mouth. They don’t understand what will happen when they become warm. They shiver with freezing delight at they swirl in mad patterns around my home.

My trap.

I remember quite clearly how I became the girl of snow. Ever surrounded by the cold flakes, making me shiver and cry. They were always there, no matter how hard I willed it, no matter how much I pushed the sides, the snow wouldn’t allow me to escape them.

I was their treat, their prisoner, their friend.

I kept them company; the little snow flakes. They loved me so, loved to see me shiver and shake in the frost, that they couldn’t simply let me go.

The worst part of it was watching. Peeping through the glass; seeing him. So small, dejected, and beaten. His warm wrinkles wrapping his face, and small, gentle tears lighting up his eyelids. Seeing his head shake in utter defeat, his white hair shaking with it, sitting by the fire; occasionally gazing at his globe, at me, the little ballerina girl. He would constantly mutter, “It looks so much like her. Why does it look like her?”

Grief was my father’s rodent, overtaking his whole being, he could hardly speak anymore. He barely left the old yellow couch near the fireplace except to go retrieve a mug of coffee or a bowl of cinnamon cereal. The only time he ever really left was to go to bed. Sleep in his warm, soft bed while I lay here in the cold and horrid freeze.

It wasn’t all bad, not really. The witch who had locked me up in here hadn’t meant to be cruel. She’d meant to help me learn to appreciate things. At least, that’s what she said. I didn’t want to believe, couldn’t believe when she left me in this globe, surrounded by my cold friends. But Papa believed me to be dead. Gone. Never to return.

She said that she had to get revenge for what my father had done. I told her to forgive, and that’s when I became the snow girl.

One barren, lonely day, the icicles were overtaking me. I could hardly breath. They suffocated me, wrapping around my throat, seizing my numb hands. It seemed as if they had given up on me as a friend. I cried out, but to no avail. My snow flake friends had betrayed me. As a last sight before the snow flakes ended me, I saw my father staring at my cage. He stood up with some difficulty, wrapping his sweater around his chest, and walked over to the mantle, where my friends were killing me. Suffocating me. I was dying.

I heard Papa chanting, his voice determined, “I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t sit and watch this globe taunt me. She’s not coming back. She’s not real anymore.”

Picking up my globe, the world started spinning. We were toppling towards the ground. Everything seemed to slow. My friends left my arms, my neck, and my whole body, and they seemed to call out, “We’re so sorry.”

I wanted to believe them, and I did. They were just snow flakes, who loved me so. They seemed to be crying as they melted. I understood what they were doing. They knew that they would melt. They wanted to melt without pain. Melted. Melted. Heat.

I was free. The glass of my cage around me broke apart, with such weakness, I felt my heart leap into my throat. And I was growing. My feet seemed to expand and widen, and my arms were becoming longer, wiser, warmer.

I was tall enough to reach my father, whose face had become like that of a surprised child. I saw a gentle tear slip down his face as he held out his shivering hand to lift me from my turmoil. His gentle arms wrapped around my thin, cold, scarred body.


“I am a girl of snow, Papa. I think I shall melt.”

“No, Jean. You do that and I might melt as well. You’re just becoming real once more.”

I smiled. My friends were dead, lying on the carpet, but I could feel their happiness lifting into my mind. They wanted me to be real.

I am a girl of snow, and I’m becoming real once more.

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This is a prompt that I did with my friend Kat, so you can check her’s out here. Thanks!


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