Sometimes I Wish


sometimes I wish
that life wasn’t hard
that it could be easy
and I didn’t have scars

sometimes I wish
that the sun wouldn’t shine
on my failures, oh!
on those failures of mine

sometimes I wish
that my future was assured
that there’d be no mystery
it wouldn’t be blurred

but then I remember,
these words I recall:
everything happens for a reason
everything and all

scars are for showing us
how far we’ve come
that when we get new scars,
it doesn’t hurt much

the sun shines on failures
so we can all see
everyone messes up,
not just you, not just me

I don’t need to know my future,
in fact, I’d rather not
then I’d try to change it,
but it would be for naught

wishing is great
and fun in it’s time
but remember when things get bad
there’s a reason, so shine.



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